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Interactive Solution

SenMedia is Interactive Solution developer aiming to provide the total solution including innovative ideas & design; app design & development; fabrication & maintenance for Exhibition, Museum, Event, etc.

Healthcare Solution

Medisen is a healthcare and medical device design company adopting different kinds of technology to develop different healthcare and medical system with high quality and high cost effectiveness.

AI Based IT Solution (AIBITS)

HKR&D provides AI based IT solution for tailor-made digital marketing system for e-commerce including Web portal, Back-end CMS, Big Data Analysis, Digital Marketing Engine, etc.

E-Sports Solution

FunWin Game adopts technology for different kind of sports to enable online competition and virtual training.

STEM Education Resource

Sengital has social responsibility to support young generation to learn Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). So we provide STEM Education Materials written by Ir Dr. Alan Lam online free of charge.

Smart Input Device System

DigiTouch is an innovative device which can turn a normal TV into a smart tablet. DigiTouch is user-friendly and convenient for multiple applications including education, corporation, retail and shopping malls, multimedia broadcasting, hospitality and exhibitions.

EasyTV System

EasyTV Box is named 'Easy' because it is a plug and play TV set top box to enable your TV to be connected to Internet to get unlimited Internet contents just by connecting power cable, HDMI/AV cable, and Ethernet cable/WiFi.

PhotoGPS System

PhotoGPS is a user friendly GPS recording device which can record your time and location only by switching on the device. With a very easy to use software, your GPS data will link up with your photos taken during the trip.